How To Choose the Best Cell Phones for the Elderly

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Cell phones are such a part of life today that no one can imagine being without one. The latest cell phone models, however, aren’t always user-friendly for older adults. Families of seniors want to be able to stay in touch with their parents or other loved ones, but sometimes face a fight from those who have trouble using a typical cell phone.

Problems seniors have with cell phones

Most cell phones, and in particular those known as smart phones, have features that the elderly find hard to use. The technology that is so familiar to younger users is something that seniors have a difficult time understanding and using. Add to that poor eyesight and hearing that elderly family members often have and it’s a recipe for a frustrating cell phone experience.

Choosing the best cell phone for an elderly family member

Choosing a cell phone for an older family member isn’t difficult. Most people find that the best cell phones for the elderly are those that feature numerals that stand out on larger buttons as well as a screen that is easy to read. Enhanced volume controls and compatibility with a customer’s hearing aids is another plus to look for in a cell phone for a senior family member or friend. Long battery life, including a low-battery warning system, is another benefit seniors appreciate.

Special cell phone features

One of the biggest concerns family members have is about their loved one’s safety. Falls, other accidents and health emergencies are a real danger. A good cell phone for seniors can provide extra information and help to first responders and doctors during a senior’s medical emergency, such as medical history, prescribed medications and family contact information as well as other data.

Seniors use their cell phones much differently than their children and grandchildren do. Typical cell phone plans are often a waste of money for seniors who don’t text and surf the internet regularly as their younger family members do. Cell phone plans that are not tied to multi-year contracts are the ideal kinds of plans for the elderly. A plan that allows an elderly family member to add the number of minutes needed when they’re needed is another excellent choice. A cell phone with these features is just what an elderly family member needs.